Are you looking to smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles? Or, maybe you want to refresh your skin to address uneven pigmentation, acne, or other skin concerns. Whatever your focus is, Meryann owner and operator of Meryann Spa provides a unique facial experience. Benefit from a Facial Relaxation Experience at Meryann Spa. Receive the best care, attention, and treatment for your skin with the Best Facial Ottawa. Are you looking for a facial in Downtown Ottawa? Look no further than Meryann Spa.

Facial Spa Ottawa Downtown

best facial in ottawaWhether it’s your first time getting a facial, or you are a facial veteran, see a massive difference at Meryann Spa. Experience a whole different facial experience to improve your skin’s health and overall appearance. Are you in search of a safe and effective solution for your skin? Enjoy a Facial in Downtown Ottawa to experience advanced facial treatments, with Scientifique de Beaute or Aveda Signature Facials. Speak with Meryann directly about your concerns, and she’ll design a custom facial to deliver the natural-looking results that you are seeking.

Facial Treatments

Meryann’s facial treatments are signature facial treatments tailored to your specific skincare concern and skin type. Do you know how often facials should be performed? To maintain healthy, glowing, and restored skin, we recommend treating yourself to a professional facial every three to four weeks, or once a month. Regular facials are the key to smooth, clear, and radiant-looking skin. 

Which facial treatments are our favourites? Learn more:

best facial ottawa

Absolute Pro Age Facial Treatment

Using high-quality Académie Scientifique de Beauté products, receive a luxurious treatment that target the 3 signs of aging: genetic, hormonal, and environmental. This pro-age facial will dramatically improve the texture and appearance of the skin while leaving your skin comfortable, soft and hydrated. 

Lime Blossom Treatment for Soothing Redness

Smooth and decongest your skin with soothing products from Académie Scientifique de Beauté. The soft scrub from Jojoba Beads removes dead skin cells, gently and carefully. This naturally sourced exfoliant is your skins best friend for a relaxing and soothing facial. Let Meryann take you on a signature massage experience with new techniques to eliminate irritation and heat sensations.

Acne Peel for Oil Regulation

Light peels are essential for managing acne. During this acne peel, have your epidermis removed to help with uneven skin tones, dryness, and acne. The Acne Peel for Oil Regulation is the best facial for anyone with excess sebum, large pores, and a dull complexion. Get clear, radiant skin with this skin treatment. Esthetician Downtown Ottawa

Age Recovery & Radiant Face & Neck Treatment

This specialized treatment is for deep lines and slackening in the face and neck area. Using products from the Académie Scientifique de Beauté Age Recovery line, experience treatment like no other. For example, the exfoliating care cream has a total concentration of 23.55% active ingredients to perform a double enzymatic and mechanical exfoliating job. Also, the moisturizing care cream is a hydrating treatment for the upper layers of the epidermis. After an Age Recovery Facial, the skin is supple, and radiating with vitality again.

Facial Benefits

best facial ottawa meryann spa facial spaPampering yourself to regular facials brings enormous benefits to your skin. Facials will help clear clogged pores, remove dead skin cells, revitalize your skin, and provide hydration to last. The key to a professional facial is the techniques that esthetician’s use. Meryann is always learning new technologies to provide the best facial benefits. Learn more about the benefits of a facial:

Direct contact with a licensed aesthetic

Meryann will not only treat your skin but will offer recommendations for healthy skincare regimes at home. Having a facial regularly ensures that your aesthetic can monitor and evaluate your skincare regime.

Reduce the unhealthy impact of sun exposure, pollution, and cigarettes

Do you spend a lot of time in the sun? Do you live in a big city? Are you a smoker? All these elements negatively impact your skin. Restore the foundation of your skin with regular facials.

Reduce Stress

It’s a proven fact that facials help reduce stress. Not only can facials minimize acne, but it can smooth away daily stress and take you to a blissful haven. The Best Facial Ottawa, at Meryann Spa, is a relaxing experience. 

Improve Blood Circulation

Not only are facial’s relaxing, but they also bring more oxygen and nutrients to your skin. Maintain a natural healthy glow with a regular facial. 

Deep Clean

With a deep clean exfoliation, your skin will be like new! The best facial will remove all impurities from your skin by deep cleansing each pore. Remove blackheads, and eliminate undersurface oil to reduce the emergence of pimples and blemishes. 

Spa Facial Ottawa

meryann spa best facial ottawa Book your next facial at Meryann Spa, your favourite downtown facial spa. Enjoy private spa services in a clean, safe, and relaxing spa environment. Speak directly with Meryann about your skincare needs, and she’ll recommend the best facial available for your specific requirements. For the Best Facial in Ottawa, visit Meryann Spa.