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Yes, it is recommended. Removing makeup beforehand ensures that we can dedicate more time to the essential steps of the facial, including relaxing massages and other vital treatments. This enhances the overall effectiveness and enjoyment of your spa experience.
Yes, you can. It’s recommended to use a non-comedogenic or clean and organic foundation to avoid clogging your pores and to maintain the benefits of the facial treatment.
The ideal time for extraction is when blackheads or whiteheads are ready to be removed. They are typically ready when they feel solid and rough to the touch on the surface of the skin.
Yes, when done with caution, extraction is beneficial for removing dirt and impurities from the skin. It should be performed gently, involving proper exfoliation and steam to open up pores. It’s important to note that there’s a limited window for this procedure, as the skin tightens and pores close once it cools down.
While extraction can be beneficial for improving skin complexion and texture, it’s essential to focus on addressing the root cause of the issue. Instead of frequent extraction, consider treatments like Dual Exfoliation, which can help control and regulate oil secretion, leading to healthier and glowing skin. Prioritizing treatments that target the underlying causes is key for long-term skin health.
Anyone seeking gentle skin rejuvenation is a candidate for the Dual Exfoliation facial. The treatment is customizable, making it suitable even for those with delicate and sensitive skin. Featuring the Aveda plant peel, it effectively smoothens fine lines, regulates oil secretion, and reduces spots and pigmentation. Overall, this treatment is ideal for maintaining glowing, healthy, and well-balanced skin.
Yes, you can expect immediate results after one treatment, although the extent may vary based on your individual skin condition and goals. It’s crucial to discuss your skin situation and desired outcomes during the consultation to ensure the selection of the most suitable treatment for you. Keep in mind that everyone is unique, and individual results may vary based on your specific skin condition.
Oxygeneo is considered the number one facial due to its well-designed system that effectively targets specific skin conditions. With a range of treatments, it helps individuals achieve their skin goals. This non-invasive treatment is safe and ideal for those seeking to naturally restore youth and vitality to their skin.

Tips for Maximizing Facial Benefits:

Before your facial, take off any jewelry to ensure a thorough and comfortable treatment.
Use the restroom before heading to the facial room to minimize disruptions during the session.
Practice deep breathing to relax and fully engage in the facial experience. Being present enhances the overall benefits of the treatment.