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Meet Meryann

Hi I'm Meryann

Meryann, the luminary behind Ottawa’s formidable retreat, Meryann Spa, is a force to be reckoned with. Supported by a myriad of glowing recommendations and community endorsements, Meryann’s spa thrives on the genuine adoration of her clients. Their word-of-mouth praise reflects her remarkable talent and dedication to providing an extraordinary skincare experience.

Meryann’s journey began in Montreal, leading a flourishing salon. After nearly a decade at Ottawa’s renowned Aveda concept salons, she unveiled Meryann Spa in March 2016. Here, guests experience both luxurious treatments and the warmth of her character. Recognized as the “Best Facial Service 2022” by BestOttawa.ca, this accolade confirms what clients already know: Meryann’s touch is unparalleled, enhancing natural beauty with exceptional skill.

Beyond skincare, Meryann’s heart extends to her annual toy drive, an embodiment of her kind spirit. Clients and community members unite to support her mission, sending contributions to her home country, the Philippines. Meryann is grateful that she gets to wake up every day and do something that she loves. Her spa doesn’t just enhance appearances; it nurtures souls and creates lasting connections and that, for her, is the best part!

Meryann Spa Orchid
In this industry, the lure of high-revenue choices is strong. Meryann Spa is dedicated to guiding people on the right path in beauty and wellness.

“I want people to still like me 20 years down the road. If I do things right I’m sure they will appreciate it in the end.”

Meryann Spa Orchid
I help people feel comfortable in their skin through natural holistic techniques and remedies.

“When you come to Meryann Spa for a facial treatment, I make sure every inch of your skin is gently touched, nourished and nurtured.”

Meryann Spa Orchid
I achieve exceptional results with every treatment. Meryann Spa is committed to ongoing learning through training and seminars.

“I know learning never ends. I want to make sure my clients get the utmost care they truly deserve.”

Passion Project

Growing up in a Third World country, making ends meet and having the basics was a real struggle. When I visit the Philippines, I collect clothes, books, and toys from my friends in Ottawa who want to help out. It’s not just for my family but for my whole village. The generosity of my friends in Ottawa is amazing—I even have to mail boxes ahead of time to make sure they get there before I do. Seeing people’s eyes light up when they receive gifts from Ottawa is pure joy! The feeling is indescribable.

The Philippines is quite a journey from here, so when I visit, I stay for about three weeks to a month. My schedule is jam-packed trying to catch up with all my friends and family. While gifts are nice, what I really want to give is my time and attention. In Canada, we can treat ourselves to spa days—it’s something we deserve. But in the Philippines, that’s a luxury. I love giving facials and mani-pedis because it’s something many there can’t afford or experience otherwise.

Going home allows me to mix two of my passions Aesthetics and helping people in any little way I can. I’ve also tried bringing that spirit here by offering free treatments to the elderly and those who can’t afford it. Giving back brings me immense joy, and this is my way of doing it in the best way I know.