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Feel-good treatments for men of all ages.​

A facial isn’t just for your skin, but it’s also crucial for your overall health and well-being. They are just as important for men as they are for women.

A professional men’s facial can be beneficial for:

  • Providing relaxation to minimize the impact of daily stressors
  • Improving skin texture and appearance
  • Preventing issues such as irritation from razor burn
  • Taking some time for yourself
  •  Targeting skin concerns such as wrinkles or dryness

For some, a basic facial done regularly is all that is needed tomaintain healthy and well balanced skin. If you have concerns about your skin, there is a facial customized to treat it. If you aren’t sure which facial to choose, Meryann is always available to help you.

Refresh yourself and your skin with one of Meryann’s excellent men’s facials below!

Personal Branding

Meryann’s Premium Men’s Treatments

The Refined Gentleman’s Facial

60 minutes

For the discerning gentlemen who prefer a fuss-free approach to skincare, our basic facial isn’t just a treatment—it’s a savvy investment in your skin’s long-term health. Let’s face it: stress shows on your skin. Take a breather as Meryann works her magic, not just on your complexion but on your well-deserved moment of zen. The Refined Gentleman’s Facial is more than skincare; it’s a commitment to a refreshed you. To promote the health of your skin and overall well-being, the Refined Gentleman’s Facial can provide exquisite results.

The Dignified Distilling Facial

60 minutes

Say goodbye to unwanted intruders on your skin with the Dignified Distilling Facial—a superhero treatment for those grappling with oily skin. Meryann’s expertise tightens those pores, restoring equilibrium to your natural oils. Prepare for a purification party as she works her magic, leaving you with a fresh, smooth canvas that radiates vitality. It’s not just a facial; it’s a confidence boost in every smooth, even, and soft detail. Opt for the facial that puts your best face forward, because, let’s face it, your skin deserves a VIP treatment. And yes, if needed, we’ll steam and extract with precision. It’s skincare with a superhero twist.

The Deep Moisturization Facial

60 minutes

Quench your skin’s thirst with the Deep Moisturization Facial—a hydration fiesta like no other. Meryann takes the plunge, going beyond the surface to banish dryness and flakes. Picture this: your skin, radiant and velvety to the touch, confidently strutting its stuff. It’s not just a treatment; it’s a moisture revival, and Meryann is the hydration hero you never knew you needed. Say farewell to dry skin; this revolutionary experience ensures you stay drenched in confidence with long-lasting results. Because when it comes to skincare, we don’t just hydrate; we make dryness history.

The Mature Gentleman’s Facial

60 minutes

Give mature skin the ultimate time-traveling ticket with our age-defying treatment that’s practically a magic wand against fine and deep lines. Meryann doesn’t just skim the surface; she plunges into the depths of your skin for an invigorating transformation. Watch in awe as firmness takes center stage, and lines make a disappearing act. Think of it as a skin-tightening extravaganza, leaving you with an even, 14 full-on fabulous glow. Post-treatment, your skin will boast a youthful radiance, maintaining that mature gleam because age is just a number, and so is the secret to timeless skin.

Polished Back Treatment

60 minutes

Don’t let your back play second fiddle—let it shine with Meryann’s tailored treatment. We get it; the back often takes a backseat, but not here. Meryann’s customization game is strong, addressing your skin’s concerns with precision. Picture this: stresses vanishing into thin air as you bask in deep exfoliation, lavish moisturization, and a massage that’s like a mini-vacation for your back. The result? A polished back that transforms you into a confident force to be reckoned with. Because who says your face should have all the fun? It’s time to let your back steal the spotlight.

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Men’s OxyGeneo™ Treatments

Breathe new life into your skin with the power of the Geneo™ 3-in-1 Super-Facial! Using non-invasive ultrasound technology, Geneo™ works with your body to deliver incredible results.

When paired with TriPollar® technology, the treatment can also have a firming and tightening effect to help mature skin achieve a more youthful look.

Click the link below to learn more and choose the Geneo™/TriPollar® treatments that are right for you!

All Geneo™ treatments are suitable for men of all ages and skin types.