Meryann Spa Facial Relaxation Experience

The Meryann spa facial relaxation experience is a mind, body, and soul holistic treatment. Meryann, owner, and esthetician of Meryann Spa, provide facial experiencesmanicure/pedicures, and waxing services in Centertown Ottawa. The private spa is located conveniently at 371 Bronson Avenue, bordering Chinatown, and a 5-minute walk from Little Italy. Meryann Spa is a perfect downtown oasis for relaxation and pampering. It’s always a bonus feature when a spa offers free parking! Enjoy parking in the rear of Meryann Spa. Avoid expensive parking tickets as you relinquish away into a private Spa.

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First Facial Experience

My very first facial was at Meryann Spa. I didn’t know what to expect, other than my skin would receive treatment. Immediately, I realized booking a facial here is an experience. The Spa environment is inviting and calming. Astonishing, Meryann has over 100+ 5 Star Reviews on Google. Get personally greeted by the esthetician and owner herself as you step into an oasis of serenity, purity, and unwinding. Receive one-on-one personal treatment with Meryann. 

Private Spa

As you walk in, slip into cozy slippers. Notice immediately how clean, inviting, and calming the environment is. Welcome to a little piece of heaven—raw wood slab tables, natural colours and wood features aid to the peaceful and natural aroma of the spa. Meryann’s oasis is comfortable and safe. Enjoy a private spa oasis in Centretown West Ottawa.

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Enjoy the benefits of a private spa. With one-on-one appointments only, Meryann spa offers complete quiet and serenity. Enjoy tranquility, pampering, care, and treatment like no other. Meryann Spa is a sanctuary for all your relaxation needs.

While the spa environment itself is immaculate, it is Meryann herself that truly sets the pampering atmosphere. Meryann’s kind of heart, passion, and esthetic skills create a nourishing spa experience.

Meryann Spa Facial Relaxation Experience

A facial here is unlike any other facial. At Meryann Spa, enjoy the facial relaxation experience.

Meryann Spa Facial Relaxation Experience

Start the facial with a foot soak! Yes, you read that right. The Pedi sinks made from a stone carved into a sink. A design from Indonesia. The decor and blissful environment are enough to relax you instantly. Shortly after, Meryann guides you to the facial room. I made the mistake of wearing a french braid. Instead, the hair must be loose!

Take off all jewelry, and get cozy in the bed. The bed is heated and comfortable. Be prepared to be cocooned in high-quality blankets. The upper chest area and shoulders need to be exposed.

Choose your essential oil aroma, and let the blissful treatment start.

During the facial relaxation experience, Meryann cleansed, toned, and worked magic with my face. I received treatment like I never had before. The skilled hand techniques and different movements Meryann used were invigorating. One method involves circularly stroking around the eye area. It felt so rejuvenating for the sensitive skin around my eye. My mind, body, and soul also felt rejuvenated to lay down and relax.

Relaxation Oasis

Meryann Spa Facial Relaxation Experience

Meryann performs the best scalp, head, and neck massages. I felt so relaxed laying there, with tranquil music playing softly in the background. Her skilled technique of massaging the neck and scalp, lead to sensations tremble throughout my entire body! The Facial Relaxation Experience is holistic therapy disguised in the word “facial”. As we live stressed lives, it’s essential to release muscle tension. This treatment was much more than a facial, but a holistic body treatment.

Full Body Relaxation

Meryann Spa Facial Relaxation Experience2

Meryann’s attention to detail and esthetics skills are out of this world. She takes the time to ensure you are comfortable and relaxed. Throughout the facial, several warm clothes were gently placed over my face, that alone awakened all my senses. Meryann Spa facials go far beyond just touching the face, neck, shoulders, and chest. As a facial treatment mask settles, Meryann massages both arms, hands, and fingers delicately. Her hands are those of a soft angel. Also, the feet and calf muscles receive tender love and care. 

Wholesome Facial Experience

The experience left me feeling balanced, calm, stressfree, and whole. The facial is more than a beauty ritual; rather, it’s therapeutic for our souls. It’s an authentic facial relaxation experience. Enjoy a date with yourself to focus on love, nourishment, and relaxation. We owe it to ourselves as beautiful women to treat ourselves to a monthly facial. Allow yourself time for pampering to recharge your batteries!

Meryann Spa

Meryann Spa Facial Experience

Contact Meryann directly to book your next relaxing facial. Receive care and compassion, book a facial relaxation experience. Meryann can answer in detail any questions you might have. Get ready for a life-changing experience!

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