Typically, waxing is a painful process. Do you want to enjoy a hairless body along with a relaxing process as well? At Meryann Spa, Waxing Ottawa Services are not as you get everywhere else. Meryann, owner, and operator prepares your body for waxing by relaxing your muscles. Enjoy a smooth waxing service, while also escaping to a relaxation oasis in Downtown Ottawa.

Relaxing Spa Waxing Services

At Meryann Spa, each wax comes with a relaxation ritual. Choose soothing aromas to make you feel at ease and relaxed. Embark on a Sensory Journey that comes with a free scalp and neck massage. Prepare to melt away stress, to feel relaxed, and nurtured at Meryann’s Spa.

A Spa Your Mind, Body, and Soul Will Appreciate 

Waxing Ottawa Services

At Meryann Spa, experience excellent waxing services. One of our top highlights includes creating a nurturing & calming environment. Let the soothing aroma ease your body and lets you enjoy a relaxing waxing experience not provided elsewhere. Meryann believes in comforting clients throughout the many services she offers. Soothing your mind & body is an essential feature of our services. 

Rather than following the standard procedures, Meryann believes in innovation and setting new standards that are customer-centric. Therefore, we focus on relaxing your body before the waxing begins.

A Complete Range of Waxing Services

At Meryann Spa, a whole range of waxing services are available. Being a professional spa, offering a full range of waxing services, is essential. That’s what you get at Meryann Spa. A full range of waxing services is provided from waxing of a particular area to a complete body. 

Meryann Spa holds a wide range of expertise in all spa-related services. Apart from waxing, Meryann helps you feel comfortable with your body through various other aesthetics services.

Professional Waxing Services

The results of waxing depict the professionalism of a spa. At Meryann Spa, highly professional waxing services are delivered. The expert hands ensure that the area under consideration is finely waxed that satisfies the client.

Some important points that are under focus include:

● No double-dipping when waxing any area

● Fresh linens for each new client

● Proper sanitization of the table after each client visit

● New clean wax for every client

● 100% hygienic service 

● Ensuring that no wax residue remains on the body

● Comfortable & less painful waxing experience

Every client receives these features and more with any waxing service. Owner and operator, Meryann lives and breathes waxing and aesthetics services, which motivates her to deliver the highest quality and satisfying services! See Meryann Spa’s 5 Star Reviews on Google!

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Setting New Industry Standards

Meryann takes pride in setting higher than average industry standards. Following the holistic ways to make clients feel comfortable and relaxed goes a long way in satisfying clients. Enjoy Waxing Ottawa Services at Meryann Spa, where Meryann herself has set new industry standards.

Proper Care and Attention

When dealing with clients, the first step is not to rush with the service. Therefore, enough time is given to the client and relaxed him/her by creating a soothing environment. Meryann takes proper care and attention with every Waxing appointment. Sufficient time is given to whatever is needed.

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Clean and Santizied Ottawa Spa

Ensuring 100% hygiene and sanitization are critical to client satisfaction. When getting your body waxed at Meryann Spa, feel at ease because the highest level of sanitization practices are followed.

We take great lengths in delivering the highest quality waxing services. Handling our esteemed clientele with professional manners, care, and courtesy are a few of our top qualities.

For any beauty treatment services, book directly with Meryann.