Men’s facials are becoming more popular as men see excellent results from them. Find out why you should consider getting one by clicking here!

More men are getting facials to give themselves some time to refresh. Facials are extremely beneficial to men when done regularly and can help them feel good in their skin.

General maintenance and upkeep are important, but so is targeting any skin concerns that men may have.

Meryann Spa is proud to introduce a variety of men’s facials to improve the skin and help you feel refreshed.

Why Men Can Benefit From Getting a Facial

Many women turn to facials to rejuvenate their skin and put their best face forward. But this is just as important for men, too!

Everyone deserves to feel good in their skin, and a professional men’s facial can help with this.

Facials are known to provide a serene atmosphere for relaxation. You may have a lot on your mind, and a facial can help you relieve some built-up stress while giving you some time to yourself to relax.

Not to mention that your skin will be restored and look incredible. It can even help with issues such as soothing the skin after razor burn from shaving!

Meryann can also target your skin concerns such as fine lines or dry skin to give you exquisite results. If you’re unsure of what facial to choose, she is always available to help you.

Introducing the New Men’s Facials at Meryann Spa

Meryann is proud to offer a variety of new men’s facials just in time for Father’s Day! There are many types of facials for men, and choosing the right one for your skin is vital.

The Refined Gentleman’s Facial $130.00

If you have no specific concerns and simply want to maintain your healthy skin, a basic facial can serve as a great way to preserve your skin over time. Allowing you to take time for yourself to relieve stress, you can benefit from giving your mind and body some time to rest as Meryann works to refresh your skin. To promote the health of your skin and overall well-being, the Refined Gentleman’s Facial can provide exquisite results.

The Dignified Distilling Facial $155.00

The Dignified Distilling Facial purges your skin of pollutants and contaminants, making it a good choice if you have oily skin. Tightening your pores and evening out the natural oils in your face, you’ll feel the power of purification as Meryann cleanses your skin with the treatment. The results will leave you looking and feeling fresh with smooth, even, and soft skin. If you’re looking to cleanse and refine your skin to put your best face forward, this is the facial to choose.

The Deep Moisturization Facial $150.00

For skin that craves hydration, there’s no better treatment than the Deep Moisturization Facial. Diving deep past the surface, Meryann will restore moisture from the inside out to eliminate dry and flaky skin. The surface of your skin will be illuminated and soft to the touch, with the results leaving you feeling confident and well-groomed. With long-lasting results, dry skin is no match for this revolutionary treatment.

The Mature Gentleman’s Facial $230.00

Mature skin that is affected by fine or deep lines can be restored with this treatment that defies aging. Reaching the depths of your skin, you’ll see a dramatic improvement in firmness, and lines will vanish. Meryann will work to tighten and firm the skin so that it appears even and full. After the treatment, your skin will look and feel more youthful, while maintaining your mature gleam.

Polished Back Treatment $150.00

Though easily forgotten, your back deserves to shine. Meryann can customize this to ensure that your skin concerns are treated effectively. Feel your stresses melt away as you enjoy deep exfoliation, moisturization, and revel in a soothing massage. With your back looking polished, you can carry yourself with confidence.

Men’s OxyGeneo™ Treatments $230.00
Breathe new life into your skin with the power of the OxyGeneo™ 3-in-1 Super-Facial! Using non-invasive ultrasound technology, OxyGeneo™ works with your body to deliver incredible results.

When paired with TriPollar® technology, the treatment can also have a firming and tightening effect to help mature skin achieve a more youthful look.

All OxyGeneo™ treatments are suitable for men of all ages and skin types.

It’s Time For Self-Maintenance

You deserve a day filled with care and tranquility, giving you a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

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It’s the perfect way to celebrate Dad by giving him the day that he deserves.

Choose from one of Meryann’s new Men’s Facials and give Dad, or yourself the ultimate gift today.