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Meryann Spa In-Home Skin Care

Get Quality Skin Care Expertise from the Comfort of Your Own Home!

Love having your skin professionally cared for but wish it was more convenient and effortless? Expert skin care has never been easier to access and enjoy.

Why Choose Meryann?

Drawing from decades of expertise, Meryann has witnessed it all, and now she’s here to put her wealth of knowledge to work for you. Say goodbye to the skincare maze—Meryann crafts a personalized plan of action to unveil the skin you’ve always dreamt of!

  • Ever feel like you’re lost in the skincare wilderness, trying everything but missing the mark? Don’t worry! Meryann’s got your back. She’ll steer you through products and suggest a tailored regimen, complemented by spa visits for that extra glow.
  • Meryann knows your skin deserves VIP treatment, advocating for care that’s as natural as it is effective. Expect only recommendations for gentle, skin-loving products that accentuate your natural beauty.
  • As a self-care champion, Meryann believes in flaunting your skin with pride. No need for makeup to feel beautiful—she’s on a mission to be your skincare confidante, cheering you on every step of the way. 16

Driven by heart and integrity, Meryann infuses passion into all she does. Let her touch elevate your confidence, whether you’re embracing graceful aging or tackling a skincare concern. With Meryann, rest assured, you’re in the hands of a true skincare guru.

How Meryann Will Help You

Your skincare journey will start with you selecting a package, followed by a personalized consultation with Meryann. As your skincare guide, she’ll curate a regimen featuring top-notch Académie products to address your specific concerns. And guess what? If you fancy, you can snag these skin-loving gems right after your call.

Armed with Meryann’s expert advice, you’re ready to kick-start your skin transformation. Plus, the fun doesn’t stop there—bi-weekly video chats serve as your progress checkpoint, ensuring you stay on the path to radiant skin.

Say goodbye to skincare woes; with Meryann’s at-home service, achieving your skin goals is not just a breeze—it’s a delightful journey with results you can see and celebrate.

About Académie

For more than a century, the Académie skin care brand has been the go-to choice for professional estheticians. With a legacy spanning over 130 years, these European products boast a rich history of rigorous research and testing. This dedicated process ensures that the highest standards of quality and safety are met. The stringent guidelines in place not only attest to the products’ exceptional reputation but also guarantee their safety for use on all skin types and tones.

How the In-Home Skin Care Process Works


Your Consultation with Meryann – To start, Meryann will video chat with you to learn more about your skin and any concerns that you may have. She will give you her recommendations and advice on how the Académie products can help you and give you tips on how to treat your skin effectively.


Receive Your Products – After your consultation, you have the option to purchase the products that Meryann recommended for you.


One-on-One Guidance – You’ll video chat with Meryann again as she uses her expertise to help you further your treatment to achieve your desired results. It’s a good chance to ask her questions and check your progress.


Keep Up the Great Work – Meryann will video chat with you over three 30-minute sessions to see your progress, answer your questions and help you achieve your desired results.

*Please note that 3 video chat sessions of 30 minutes each are available with every package. Any additional video chats will require a charge of $50 per hour. You can book your video chat with Meryann online.

Professional In-Home Skin Care Packages $150

Each Package Includes:

– One consultation & 3 half-hour video sessions with Meryann
– Professional expertise & guidance
– A chance to have your questions and concerns about your skin answered
– Tips & tricks for achieving all your skin care goals

*Please note that products are not included and must be purchased separately. Each package is valid for one year to give you time to book your video chats with Meryann.

The products that you’ll need to purchase for your chosen package are listed below.

Package #1: Purify Package

Say farewell to blemish blues! For skin that’s been putting up a fight, this treatment is the undisputed champion. Using this powerful trio—iron-zinc, propolis, and kaolin—Meryann combats oiliness and unveil a smoother complexion. It’s not just a treatment; it’s a strategic mission against imperfections. These three skincare superheroes join forces to shrink inflammation, purify your canvas, and ensure those pesky spots think twice before making a comeback. Consider it your secret weapon for flawless, fearless skin.

Recommended Products (Not Included with the Package):
Cleanse with Purifying Cleansing Gel
Tone with Juvanyl Lotion
Correct with Purifying care
Focus with Purifying concentrate
Prevent & Treat with Dynargiliane mask

Package #2: Hydration Package

Meryann takes the reins to guide you on a journey to radiant, velvety-soft skin. Picture this: a concoction of original apple water, beetroot extract, and macadamia oils working in harmony to transform your skin into a hydrated haven. This treatment not only leaves you with long-lasting moisture but also fortifies your skin against the pesky dehydrating culprits.

Recommended Products (Not Included with the Package):

Cleanse with the Gentle Peeling Cleanser

2-in-1 Tone with Moisturizing Toner

Boost with 24 Hour Hydration Serum

Hydrate with Hydraderm Rich Cream

Prevent & Treat with Gentle Re-Hydrating Mask

Package #3: Redness Package

Wave goodbye to skin irritations with our soothing treatment—perfect for those with easily provoked complexions. Meryann acts as your skin guru, imparting wisdom on the art of pampering your sensitive skin. Brace yourself for a skincare dream team featuring azulene, lime blossom, sweet almond, grapefruit, and peach. Together, these ingredients dive deep to calm, refresh, and lend your skin a touch of softness. Let your sensitive side be its radiant best. Your skin will thank you!

Recommended Products (Not Included with the Package):
Cleanse with Hyposensible Cleanser
Tone with Hyposensible Toner
Calm with Daily Protection Cream
Camouflage with Program for Redness
Prevent & Treat with Calming mask

Package #4: Brightening Package

Say goodbye to hyperpigmentation with this package! Meryann unveils the secrets of licorice extract, tranexamic acid, and vitamin C. This dynamic trio hydrates, combat pigmentation, and leave you with a luminous glow that steals the spotlight. It’s not just a package; it’s your ticket to an even, smooth complexion, all while giving dullness the boot. It’s your turn to be the star of the show, even if your home is the stage!

Recommended Products (Not Included with the Package):
Cleanse with Brightening Cleansing Gel 150ml
Tone with Brightening Toner 250ml
Nourish with Even Complexion Corrector Serum 30ml
Illuminate with Even Complexion Illuminating Cream 50ml
Boost with Intensive Even Complexion Mask (single-use mask)

Special Offer

A trip to the spa is a great way to jump-start your home skin care routine. Meryann’s in-home skin care packages can supplement this and help you achieve longer-lasting results.

When you purchase any of the above in-home skin care packages, please enjoy 30% off any of the following facials:

– Express Pureness Ritual Facial
– Express Hydra-Nourishing Facial
– Lime Blossom Treatment for Soothing Redness
– Brightening & Complexion Corrector

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Meryann Spa Facial with a client

Bring out your natural glow with in-home professional skin care. Begin your journey today!