Experience a luxurious manicure and pedicure in downtown Ottawa. Immerse yourself into the cozy oasis of Meryann Spa. The perfect private spa for facials, body wraps, and of course, manicure and pedicures. Enjoy a pedicure downtown Ottawa with free parking! Get pampered by the owner, Meryann herself. Enjoy Académie Scientifique de Beauté products that will nourish, prime, and leave your skin silky smooth. Académie offers high-quality treatments that will provoke instant bliss. Meryann Spa offers an impressive manicure and pedicure in downtown Ottawa.

Impressive Pedicure Downtown Ottawa

A pedicure at Meryann Spa is unlike any other regular pedicure. Enjoy an impressive pedicure in Downtown Ottawa to relax, and rejuvenate. Find Meryann Spa at 371 Bronson, in the heart of Centretown West. Enjoy a remarkable pedicure with the Académie Method Spa Pedicure. Lavish yourself with an exfoliation to clean away dead skin and leave your skin silky smooth. Benefit from Académie Scientifique de Beauté products for a real sensory experience. 

Académie Scientifique de Beauté

Impressive Manicure and Pedicure Downtown OttawaSpa Destination 4

If you’ve never experienced this authentically French beauty collection, Meryann Spa is happy to introduce you to Académie Scientifique de Beauté products. Originated in 1890, this french cosmetic house has revolutionized the beauty industry with science! Their motto, “the science at the service of your beauty,” persists today. It’s founder, Pharamist Georges Gay, “developed a professional aesthetics method allied to medical diagnosis.” Science is at the core of Académie Scientifique de Beauté products. These high-quality products contribute to creating an impressive pedicure experience.

Académie Spa Collection

pedicure downtown académie method spa

Enjoy luxurious products that provide nourishment and treatment to your skin. Leave Meryann Spa with soft, silky skin. Test out the Académie Spa Collection in our Académie Method Spa Pedicure. You may also purchase products of the Spa Collection here.

Indulge yourself with Académie Scientifique de Beauté and their Spa Destination Beauty Collection. Choose between a Japanese Cherry Blossom beauty ritual or a Tiare Flower beauty ritual.

3 reasons to love Académie Scientifique de Beauté

  • Natural Skincare – Clean and Natural Formula
  • Luxurious French-style standard of excellence
  • Rich quality products that will invigorate all your senses

Frequent Pedicures Benefits

Frequent pedicures are a must! Pedicures allow for stress to melt away as you just put your mind at ease. Not only are pedicures great for your mental health, but they are, of course, beneficial to maintain proper hygiene. There are tremendous benefits to getting pedicures done frequently.

  • Pedicures are not only beneficial for toenails but also to remove dead skin build-up.
  • Prevents infections and hygiene issues
  • Makes nails shiny and breathable
  • Reduce stress and improve mental health

Meryann Spa Académie Spa Pedicure

académie-scientifique-de-beauté pedicure

Feet with pink pedicure and peonies, top view

There are even more benefits to booking a pedicure at Meryann Spa. Discover an impressive Manicure and Pedicure Downtown Ottawa spa that is healing and nurturing. At Meryann Spa, schedule an Académie Spa Pedicure to experience even more cosmetic and therapeutic benefits. Such as:

  • Dead skin is rubbed off the bottom of the foot. Most nail salons will use something rough to tackle calluses like a blade. A blade is painful to your skin. However, at Meryann Spa she uses a foot pedal. The foot pedal very pleasurable in comparison to a blade. Meryann uses the right esthetic method. This method takes more time but is much softer and better for your skin. This is just proof of how Meryann is kind and compassionate.
  • Meryann’s impressive pedicures take you on a sensory journey. Choose between the Académie Cherry Blossom Beauty Ritual or the Académie Tiare Flower Beauty Ritual.
  • Meryann exfoliates the skin and bottom legs with Académie Scientifique de Beauté products that provide a multi-sensory beauty experience.
  • Exfoliation leaves the skin soft, bright, and fresh.
  • Eliminates all dead skin from feet and legs.
  • Add moisture and hydration to your feet and legs with the Académie Body Lotion. Choose between the Floral Celebration and the Polynesian Dream.

Meryann Spa Pedicure Downtown

downtown pedicure

Enjoy treatment like no other by professional esthetician and business owner, Meryann. Her attention to detail, exceptional care, and kindness are like no other esthetician. For Meryann, beauty is a trade that she has perfected. She goes above and beyond with every client. Her quality of work, precision, and patience is rare. Book a facial, body wrap, manicure, or downtown pedicure with the owner herself. Get one-on-one treatment that is never rushed, but always impressive. Book directly with Meryann here.

Treat yourself this summer to the following new beauty pampering services:

More about each service:

Académie Method Spa Body Treatment

downtown pedicure academie method spa

Enjoy a personalized body treatment like no other. Begin with a sensory journey of choosing your aroma. Appreciate a dry scrub to eliminate dead skin. Secondly, enjoy an exfoliation scrub with either a cherry blossom sugar ritual or a Salt Lagoon Granita body scrub. Let your skin soak in the benefits of a soft protective film. Next comes a relaxing back massage. Lastly, let your body be enveloped with a luxurious body lotion that will leave your skin silky smooth.

Enjoy this unique and new body treatment and relaxing back massage for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Académie Method Spa Manicure & Pedicure

A simple manicure and pedicure don’t even compare to the Académie Method Spa Manicure & Pedicure. Instead, enjoy a sensory journey of relaxation, combined with quality care for your hands and feet. Start your treatment by choosing between a cherry blossom beauty ritual, or a Tiare Flower beauty ritual. For the manicure and pedicure, enjoy a tranquil massage, exfoliation, and silky smooth treatment.

Pedicures with Meryann use the foot pedal technique, instead of a blade. Enjoy a caring and gentle treatment like no other.

Book a manicure here, or treat yourself to a pedicure.

Book With Meryann

As always, contact Meryann directly to book your next Spa Destination service. You deserve a sensory journey filled with Cherry Blossoms or a Polynesian Tiare Flower experience.