With the warm summer heat amongst us, it’s time to ditch our layers and show off some skin! But how often do you spend outside in the sun? Remember, too much exposure to harmful sun rays is not advantageous to our skin. Is sun damage a concern of yours? It is a concern of ours! That is why Meryann Spa loves the Bronz’Express self-tanners. Since we all know the consequences of spending too much time sunbathing in harmful sun rays, a sunless tanner can give us the perfect sunkissed look without damaging our skin. Imagine a self-tanner that enriched our skin while giving off a subtle healthy glow? The best face and body self-tanner in 2020 is the Bronz’Express Tinted Gel and Lotion. These enriching tinted moisturizers are the perfect face and body self-tanners made by the French Beauty House, Académie Scientifique de Beauté. 

Académie Scientifique de Beauté


Academie bronz'express

Bronz’Express, by Académie Scientifique de Beauté, makes the best face and body self-tanner exclusively for Canadians. Learn about the Bronz’Express tinted gel and lotion and discover why it’s the best self-tanner for face and body. Better yet, try it for yourself. Are you curious about, “How long does self-tanner last?” and “how to apply self-tanner”?. At Meryann Spa, we have you covered for looking naturally radiant, and sunkissed with our favourite Académie Scientifique de Beauté, products.

Bronz’Express Tinted Gel and Lotion

It is our pleasure to introduce the Bronz’Express Tinted Gel and Lotion. Appear naturally tanned instantly with these effective self-tanners. Purchase one quickly for the face (gel), or the Bronze’Express lotion for the face and body. The choice is yours. With the Bronz’Express collection, achieve a beautifully bronzed glow, without ever having to worry about appearing orange. Rest assured, these high-quality self-tanners are non-greasy and suitable for all skin tones. That’s why it’s amongst the best Best Face and Body Self Tanner in 2020.

Bronz’Express Tinted Lotion 

bronz-express-tinted-lotion face and body self tanner Best Face and Body Self Tanner in 2020

Since 1960, women worldwide have loved and adored Bronz’Express Tinted Lotion for its radiant sunkissed effects. Amazingly, Bronz’Express Tinted Lotion was the first-ever sunless tanner. Get glowing, tanned skin without any streaks, thanks to this timeless self-tanner. Achieve a fake tan that looks natural, radiant, and real with this selfless tanner. The Bronz’Express lotion is suitable for the face and body. Enjoy a nourishing daily moisturizer as you use the tinted lotion. However, this is not a gradual self-tanner. Start seeing immediate radiant effects. Your sunkissed skin will have your friends envious of your recent tropical trip to St Tropez. Reassure them that they too can achieve a streak-free natural tan with the best face and body self-tanner in 2020.

Best Face Self Tanner

While the Bronz’Express lotion is suitable for the face and body, we still believe the Bronz’Express Gel to be the best self-tanner for the face. As compared to the Bronz’ Express Gel, there are no active ingredients in the Bronz’Express Tinted Lotion. The active ingredients in the Bronz’Express Gel help protect the skin from harmful free radicals, which decreases the signs of aging. So, opt to eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and moisture loss with the Express’Bronz Tinted Gel. Target anti-aging, while achieving the perfect sunkissed look!

Bronz’Express Tinted Gel

Best Face and Body Self Tanner in 2020 bronz-express-tinted-gel-face self tanner

The Bronz’Express Tinted Gel is the perfect face self-tanner. Enjoy a soothing gel to refresh your skin with an immediate radiant glow. This perfect face self-tanner comes with 4.4% moisturizes of plant origin, 2% Sea thermal algae extract 1% Jojoba Oil, and Vitamin E derivate. Also, The Bronz’Express Tinted Gel has 7.7% active ingredients to nourish and protect your skin while developing a warm hue, without any streaks or lines. The combination of natural products with a classic self-tanner is why we love Bronz’Express Tinted Gel. We particularly enjoy mixing our Bronz’Express Tinted Gel with our daily moisturizer. Reapply 2 to 3 times a week to maintain the intensity of the tan.


How Long Does Self Tanner Last?

The Bronz’Express tinted lotion and gel do last longer than your best drugstore self-tanner. That is because all Académie Scientifique de Beauté cosmetics are made with the highest quality of French ingredients. With the best face and body self-tanner, achieve a dark tan that gradually goes away, much like a regular suntan. We suggest reapplying the self-tanner 2-3x a week to prolong your tan. After each application, leave the skin feeling moisturized and refreshed with a subtle glow.

How to Apply Self Tanner?

Trust us, this self-tanner is easy to apply, but similar to applying body lotion. Other self-tanners can stain your skin, but not Bronz’Express products. The best way to apply self-tanner is with a circular motion. For advice on how to apply self-tanner to your face, visit Bronz’Express Paris’ Youtube Channel. In the video, the model adds a dime-size portion of Bronz’Express tinted gel to her hands and begins to mix it in the palm of her hand. Then, she moisturizes the skin in circular motions with the tanning gel. She is cautious not to forget the neck, and decollete, while she avoids the eyebrows and hairline. See instantly how her skin begins to have a subtle glow. After each application, be sure to wash your hands with soap and warm water thoroughly.

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Best Face and Body Self Tanner in 2020

Order the Best Face and Body Self Tanner in 2020Bronz’Express Tinted Gel and the Bronz’Express Tinted Lotion to give your skin a summery, radiant glow. Find an innovative way to catch some rays this summer with our best face and body self-tanners in 2020. Enjoy a sunkissed look way into the Fall with this sunless tanner. Enjoy shipping throughout Canada for your favorite Bronz’Expres products! Also, be sure to learn more about the Académie Scientifique de Beauté advantages.