As the world goes virtual, Meryann is revolutionizing the spa industry and dominating the online space. Promoting self-care, health, and wellness to help you look and feel beautiful in your skin is her passion.

When you visit Meryann Spa in person, you feel pampered and relaxed knowing that you’re in expert hands. Online, Meryann aims to provide the same level of care and expertise that you can access at any time and any place.

If you’re looking for beauty products, advice, or just need some “me time,” Meryann Spa aims to be your virtual self-care oasis.

Here’s what Meryann Spa can offer virtually to clients around the globe!

Visit the Beauty Boutique for Self-Care

Did you know that stress can take a toll on your skin? Taking good care of it with the right skincare regimen helps maintain healthy-looking skin.

Meryann always uses professional-grade beauty products to provide the highest level of care to her clients. Many of these products are also available in the Beauty Boutique.

The Académie brand offers products that are suitable for all skin types, such as cleansers, toners, serums, masks, and more. These professional products contain powerful active ingredients that guarantee beautiful results.

If you’re looking for a virtual beauty supply store, Meryann Spa’s Beauty Boutique is always open.

Treat Yourself to a Virtual Facial

Meryann’s virtual facial is a new and innovative treatment that delivers the same results as a professional, in-person facial. Using professional Académie products and Aveda aromas, you can enjoy the virtual facial from the comfort of your own home. It works best when you make it part of your regular skincare routine.

When you order a virtual facial, Meryann will mail the facial kit to you. You’ll also receive access to an instructional video, or if you prefer, you can book a FaceTime call with Meryann instead.

It’s simple and easy to get started, and you can choose the virtual facial kit that suits your skin type best.

Expert Advice for Self-Care

Meryann’s years of expertise as an esthetician have enabled her to give unbiased advice. As she has so much experience behind her, she can provide insight to help you achieve all your beauty goals.

With so much respect and care for her clients, Meryann aims to take her warm approach into the online space to serve customers globally.

There will be frequent updates to the blog with recommendations, guidance, and advice about self-care.

Stay Tuned to the Virtual Spa

Exciting things are happening virtually at Meryann Spa! If you’re missing the relaxation and stress-free environment of the spa, then virtual self-care will help you.

You can enjoy the great products, decadent treatments, and Meryann’s expertise from the comfort of your own home. When you’re online, the spa never closes.

Virtual services allow you to start improving your skin today. Meryann’s philosophy is: “Do something today that your future self will thank you for.”

If you want to keep your skin looking its best for years to come, take Meryann’s advice. Stay tuned to the blog to learn more about self-care, beauty and to get advice from Meryann.

Time is of the essence. Don’t forget to choose a virtual facial kit to start your journey to beautiful skin today!