Marvelous Formula



A revolutionary formula!

This serum is made up of two families of ingredients:
– Brings the skin all the nutrients it require to perform at an optimum level.
– Carries the molecules contained in all the other Académie treatments.

57 ingredients in a single formula… a true age recovery treatment booster.

Total concentration 41,7%

Skin quality is dramatically improved. Day after day the skin is visibly younger looking and recovers its original youthful glow.

Morning and/or evening, apply one dose serum with light massage to a clean skin. Follow with your usual skincare cream.

Bottle with Pump 30 ml


11 vitamins – Vitamins are organic substances helping the skin to perform at an optimum level. They can not be synthesized by human body and are mainly provided by food. They bring energy and vitality.

7 minerals – Minerals like some vitamins are nutrients helping the body to perform at an optimum level. Skin, like other organs, needs them to maintain proper functioning. If the intake via food is important for the skin, it nevertheless has the advantage, compared to other organs, to possibly be nourished by direct local application.

5 oligo-elements – Oligo-elements play a well-known biological role on skin. They are essential to preserve its integrity and can also help slow down the ageing process.

21 amino-acids – Amino acids help rebuild skin structural protein: keratin, elastin, collagen. They help the skin perform at an optimum level but the body can not make them all naturally.

5 sugars – Sugars are involved in skin formation. They help it perform at an optimum level.

4 stem cells extracts – has age recovery properties.

2 tensor – Tensors smooth the skin, make the complexion radiant, fix make-up on and provide an immediate ”lifting” effect.

2 vectorized ingredients – Vectorized ingredients maximize the efficacy of the ingredient contained in the other Académie creams.


Vectorized ingredients are intelligent carriers able to deliver the ingredients of the other creams and bringing the skin all that it needs!