As a little girl in the Philippines, Meryann was obsessed with skincare. From a young age, she aspired to be a dermatologist and to help others achieve their natural beauty goals.

Her love of helping others look and feel their best led her into a career in esthetics. She has made a name for herself as someone who is unapologetically honest about the beauty world.

March marks a wonderful milestone for Meryann Spa as we celebrate its 5th anniversary! Meryann has had quite a journey before opening up her Ottawa spa location. Let’s celebrate by looking at her inspiring story!

Becoming an Esthetician

Meryann’s unique beauty values grew stronger when she attended school for esthetics. Here, she learned how to perform spa treatments on her clients using professional tools and techniques.

In school, Meryann formed an appreciation for natural beauty. She still values this today, encouraging her clients to invest in healthy, happy skin.

Finishing school as a licensed esthetician, she was ready to use her expertise to help her clients look their best.

Beauty at Work

Fresh out of school and very ambitious, Meryann set out to open her first successful spa in Montreal. While there were challenges, she established a loyal following of clients.

Eventually, it was time to sell Esthetique Meryann and move to Ottawa. She loved Ottawa’s slow-paced environment and decided that this was the best place to settle.

After the move, she worked in a few different Aveda day spas around the city. This experience helped to shape her into the expert esthetician she is today.

Meryann fondly remembers her time at York Street Spa with her mentor Pierre, who believed in her and in her talent.

When life took another turn, Meryann moved back to the Philippines. Her move prompted her to open another business, which she ran successfully until again, it was time to sell and move back to Ottawa.

Meryann Spa is Open

After working at York Street Spa, Meryann decided that it was the right time to open a day spa of her own in Ottawa.

In 2016, Meryann’s Ottawa spa opened to the public. Since then, she has provided her clients with exceptional spa experiences. Over the past five years, Meryann has served clients who have quickly become regulars at the spa. They appreciate her honesty and expertise when it comes to beauty.

Meryann’s treatments reflect the values of her clients. They know that they can turn to her when they want to enhance their natural beauty for years to come. Meryann takes pride in having the skills and atmosphere to provide a truly relaxing experience.

The Road to Meryann’s Ottawa Spa: A Journey That Made Her Who She Is Today

Today, Meryann celebrates 5 years since opening her Ottawa spa location. Her journey led her to many places, but she’s remained true to her values through it all.

She has refined her craft to provide the most rejuvenating spa experience in the area. Meryann’s passion is to provide a retreat away from all your stresses. She is always looking for new and innovative ways to provide skincare.

It’s why her clients love her treatments and trust her judgment when it comes to their skin.

Meryann would like to thank everyone from the bottom of her heart for all of your support, loyalty, and for choosing to stand by her. She sends love and gratitude to everyone who has chosen to visit her at Meryann Spa over the past five years.

If you’re looking for the best Ottawa spa experience, you can trust Meryann to provide it. With all COVID-19 protocols in place, you can feel safe and relaxed.

Contact Meryann to book your appointment and celebrate 5 years in business today!

*Please note: To maintain the quality of services and treatments that our valued clients have come to expect from Meryann Spa, there will be a price increase effective March 20th, 2021 for all services.